Maintaining your concrete surface

  • New concrete must be given at least seven (7) days of curing time
    (at temperatures above 32 degrees) before vehicular traffic
    is allowed on it. Concrete takes 28 days of curing time to achieve its maximum strength.

  • Concrete surfaces must be kept as clean as possible. Remove snow and ice as soon as possible. Use sand for traction instead of salt.

  • Keep lawn fertilizers cleaned off of concrete surfaces.

  • Apply a quality sealer annually or according to the manufactures directions. Sealer is easy to apply and the most important step to caring for your concrete.

  • Annual maintenance is important! As you care for your lawn, trees, shrubbery, and your house, please take the time to care for your concrete pavements. It is a SMALL INVESTMENT for such a GREAT RETURN!

  • Homeowner warranties covering exterior concrete are extremely rare. Proper care and maintenance is your responsibility.

  • Your concrete surface is like your wood deck or the siding on your house, in that they all must be protected from the environment to reach their expected service life.